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Goji is a jewel entirely produced in France by a start-up base in France. Goji is a smart bracelet hand-crafted with noble and natural materials such as lamb leather, cut glass, coconut or ebony.

Every piece is handcrafted by our team. Each jewel is unique and designed in accordance with the environment.

Goji allows you to discreetly stay connected with the essential. Want to relax with a friend next to a coffee while keeping your phone in your bag? What if the school tries to call me? Want to know if your mom tries to call you, even if you are in the middle of a meeting?

Parameter your own vibrations on your smartphones’s Goji App (iOS, Android). Your jewel vibrates specifically for those who are important to you, is you have an important meeting, a prescription drug to take or the diner to take care of.

They seduced the most:

Goji connected bracelet

Goji Osso

Connected bracelet, jewel

Goji Ebène

Goji connected jewel

Goji Coco

Dans la presse

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Goji se synchronise avec votre smartphone

Application Goji


Don’t miss any important call

Leave your phone in your pocket or bag without taking the risk to miss a call or the arrival of your uber.


Automatically synchronize your calendar

Stay in touch with all the events of your day.


Be zen

You won’t run out of time anymore, Goji helps you to organize your day and put some personal time aside your your well-being.

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